Choosing a Company for an Energy Audit

  • By Jeremy Thompson
  • 15 Aug, 2013
Utilities often provide free energy audit services, however some may argue that option is not as thorough, and that companies run specifically for energy auditing are a bit more knowledgeable. There are lots of companies on the market offering a variety of energy audit types, ranging from the free audits provided by utilities or contractors […] The post Choosing a Company for an Energy Audit appeared first on J. Thompson Builders.
Choosing a reputable company to perform an energy audit on your building is a confusing process. Most companies will over-promise on the results if you agree to sign a contract with them. So it’s in your hands to do your research when searching for the right company to assist you in reducing your energy costs.
The U.S. Department of Energy says to start with these places to find professional energy assessment companies:
  • Your local or state government may be able to help you find a company which performs audits.
  • As we mentioned, your electric or gas utility may utilize contractors who can conduct energy audits or the company may be able to recommend local auditors.
  • Look in your telephone directory for a list of companies who offer energy audit services.
  • The Residential Energy Services Network offers a directory of certified energy auditors.
When you are searching for a company, take the following steps:
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and ask them if they have had any complaints about the audit company.
  • Check that the auditor is currently certified with a professional organization, such as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) or the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
  • Ask that the auditor provide documentation to prove they are licensed and insured, according to state and local regulations.
  • Make sure the energy auditor uses a calibrated blower door, and that they include a thermographic inspection in their audit, recommends the U.S. Department of Energy .
  • Ask for a contract. An energy audit contract should outline the scope of the work involved, project timelines, what type of report will be generated upon the audit’s completion, and the payment/pricing terms.
  • Get several recent references from each company, and contact each reference. Ask them very pointed questions about if they were satisfied with the work performed, what kind of audit they had, and if they felt the audit was a good value, particularly if they felt the cost savings was achieved.
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