Part 3: ADA/Accessibility/Universal Design Resources

  • By Jeremy Thompson
  • 16 Nov, 2011
Our accessibility series concludes with resources. Whether you’re a business owner ensuring your property is ADA-compliant or a homeowner building or remodeling an accessible home, these resources give you a head start. Books: AARP Guide to Revitalizing Your Home: Beautiful Living for the Second Half of Life » Knack Universal Design: A Step-by-Step Guide to […] The post Part 3: ADA/Accessibility/Universal Design Resources appeared first on J. Thompson Builders.
J. Thompson Builders’ universal design projects:
Country Living Plan »

Tulip Tree Lane Plan »
Concrete Change, a national organization dedicated to making all homes – particularly new ones – visitable, focuses on three essentials
  1. Zero threshold entrances
  2. Main floor doors with at least 32 inches of passage space
  3. A half- or full-bath on the main floor
Fine Homebuilding Magazine’s article on transforming a 3-story Arts and Crafts home into a universal design:
A Home for the Next 50 Years »
A guide to remodeling, building or buying a livable home from the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation:
Practical Guide to Universal Home Design »
Iowa State University’s universal design and home accessibility site from human development Professor Mary Yearns:
Universal Design and Home Accessibility »
Founded in 1984 by architect and Professor Edward Steinfeld, the IDeA Center is dedicated to researching, designing and providing education programs related to universal design.
Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access »
North Carolina State University’s program offers information and a research center to promote universal design in homes, commercial buildings and outdoor spaces.
Center for Universal Design »
University of Minnesota’s renovated 1960s home exhibit, inhabited by fictional Baby Boomers Jim and Maria. Visitors can test out any of the accessible features, including an easy-open window and power-lift chair.
Smart House »
Utah State University’s exhibit home located at the Utah Botanical Center. The home’s goal is to educate and demonstrate ways to build homes with sustainable and universal design features.
Utah House »
Some resources excerpted from Mary Yearn’s “Universal Design & Home Accessibility Housing Resources” pamphlet, published July 2011. Contact Mary at Mary H. Yearns Consulting, LLC, Phone: 515-255-6085, Email:
Photo credit, Daquella manera

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