Part 2: ADA Compliance for Businesses

  • By Jeremy Thompson
  • 01 Nov, 2011
Over 50 million Americans have a disability, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Additionally, by 2030 the American population will have in excess of 71.5 million people over the age of 65. Both groups require services meeting their age-related or limited ability needs. This segment of our population actively participates in their communities and […] The post Part 2: ADA Compliance for Businesses appeared first on J. Thompson Builders.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established to protect people with disabilities from discrimination. It requires businesses to build environments and comply with rules and procedures to make its goods and services attainable to all.
Some of J. Thompson Builders’ ADA commercial experience includes hospitality and hotel projects. We’re involved in the design/trim-out stages and subsequent remodels on hotels with locations throughout Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. We consult the architect during the design phase and coordinate the construction to ensure ADA compliance. J. Thompson Builders takes the skills and experience we acquire in our ADA-compliant commercial projects and applies that knowledge to our residential universal design plans.
Accessibility features are critical to implement during the design process. After a building is constructed, perform periodic assessments to maintain ADA compliance. Consider a consultation with an ADA expert.
ADA-compliant building covers a multitude of features and is ever-changing. Just a few of the details in an accessible design include:
  • Zero-threshold entrances and doorways, both with gradual slopes towards the flooring
  • Door width to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Proper turning radius in bathrooms
  • Grab handles in restrooms
  • Showers with roll-in wheelchair access
  • Lower carpet pile height
  • Accessible entry to pools and spas
  • Knee and toe clearance and space underneath cabinets and other elements
  • Unobstructed reach to coat hooks, lockers and other elements
  • Replacing light bulbs with higher wattage versions to make visibility better for those with low vision

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