What Is Chinking?

Chinking is included in the price of our Cozy Cabin Outfitter packages, but if you already have logs, we also provide chinking services.

The authentic log cabin look is built with a space between each log. Chinking, a water-based, flexible and durable sealant, is applied in between the seams. Chinking’s elasticity allows it to stretch and contract as the logs move, preventing the chinking from cracking, peeling or pulling away from the logs. Chinking also creates a seal to prevent dust, wind, water from penetrating the logs.

On exterior applications chinking ensures the logs remain protected with little need for maintenance. On interior applications, such as our Cozy Cabin Outfitters themed décor packages, chinking can also be used for aesthetic purposes to retain the look of a traditional log home. Our interior applications have no need for sealing from water or weather conditions, but we still apply it to retain the authentic appearance.

Pricing for Chinking Services