Asset Inventory Protection

Asset Protection Specialists provides a simple and affordable solution to inventory the property assets of your home or business.

As owner of Asset Protection Specialists, LLC, J. Thompson Restoration provides a service that will ensure your assets are protected in the event of a disaster or theft. Having a detailed inventory of your property and its contents helps ensure the accuracy and timeliness of insurance claims. Many of our clients also find their inventory is a great tool for estate planning and recording the history and value of heirlooms.

Our Process

Our process begins with a video, narrated by you the homeowner or business owner, to capture details about your property as you describe it. We than take hundreds of digital photographs with a professional camera. Next, we voice-record model and serials numbers of high-theft and big-ticket items such as tools and appliances. Finally, we scan any documentation you have for your property such as receipts and appraisals. We provide you a finished, working copy of your complete inventory as well as a back-up digital copy for you to store in a safe place.

Our Complete Inventory Service

Our package serves your home or business needs. Our complete inventory service begins with a report that includes:

  • Complete video tour of your home and assets located inside and out.
  • Photographic record of assets found in your home
  • Serial numbers recorded for high theft items (electronics, tools, etc.)
  • Model numbers recorded for high value items (appliances, office equipment, tools, etc.)
  • Scanned copies of documents provided by the homeowner (appraisals, receipts, COA’s, etc.)



Type of Property Cost per square foot Minimum
Business $150/1,000 sq ft $450
Homes $125/1,000 sq ft $300