6 Key Home Remodeling Terms to Understand Before Beginning a Project

Tools_Home Remodeling Terms to Understand

Whether you’ve just unpacked your first box or you’ve been living in your house for years, chances are there’s something about your home you’ve desired improving. However, before beginning a project there are a few key home remodeling terms you should become familiar with. Understanding these terms will help you navigate conversations with your remodeling contractor in both the planning phase and throughout the process.

The Terms

1. Renovation, restoration, remodel – what’s the difference?

A renovation is all about updating, making the space look fresh with the latest features you’ve been dreaming of. The goal with restoration is to bring the house back to its original design, such as restoring hardwood floors. A remodel gives the space a new purpose, like turning that extra bedroom into a custom office.

2. “R&R”

Stands for remove and replace. It is simply taking out the old fixtures, appliances, cabinets, etc. and installing newer, updated versions to refresh the look of the space.

3. Retrofitting

Retrofitting means replacing older systems with new technology or features. Older homes often need retrofitting to meet modern standards for safety and energy efficiency. Retrofitting projects include replacing deteriorating plumbing with copper pipes or installing modern energy-efficient windows.

4. Load-bearing walls

Removing walls to create an open floor plan makes for a more relaxed, usable space. However, not every wall can be removed. Load-bearing walls support the weight of the floors above and if they’re knocked out the rest of the house could come crashing down with it. To avoid this it’s best to consult with a professional; we know how to tell which walls can be removed safely to create that spacious layout you desire.

5. Contingency

Contingency is the extra money factored into the budget to cover unforeseen expenses, just in case. It’s best to prepare for any surprises that might come up during the course of the remodel. Read our 6 Ways to Stay on Budget When Building or Remodeling a House blog post for more helpful tips.

6. Scope of work

The scope of work defines the project, setting out in writing what work will be done. This ensures both parties are on the same page with goals and expectations. A well-defined scope of work leads to a great remodel, ultimately saving you time and money.

It’s easy to dream about your ideal house but it takes a lot of hard work to make it a reality. At J. Thompson Builders we specialize in creating custom designs for both custom home and remodeling projects. We can help you navigate your next project, bringing your unique vision to life. Contact us when you’re ready to begin!

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